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Varney and Co.: Stock Market Trends Show a Win for President Trump (VIDEO)


The Dow Jones is up 350 points on Election Day morning.
The markets have historically been a trustworthy indicator of presidential elections.

The markets on Tuesday morning predicted President Trump will win the election.

FBN’s Susan Li reported, “Since 1928 how the broader market does before the vote usually presents a winner, 86% of the time according to LPL Research. A simple formula here. If the broader market is higher, the incumbant wins. If it’s lower the White House flips. So we’re starting this morning, just barely, 26 points higher than three months ago. This year, as you know, is different than other years.”

Charles Payne just said the same on Fox’ America’s  Newsroom show with Sandra Smith.

The Dow Jones is up 574 points this morning!

Via Varney and Co.:

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