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WATCH: Social Distancing Not A Concern, As Large Crowds Gather To Show Support For Biden (VIDEO)


As networks called Biden the winner of the Presidential race, his supporters erupted in large-crowd celebrations and most of the celebration attendees were not following the CDC’s six-feet-apart social distancing guidelines.

A reporter shared about the crowds, “It is a loud situation, the president at-. This is the scene. You can see actually it’s filled up. And just to give you some perspective on the top of your screen, you can see there’s a fence and then a grassy area. That’s Lafayette Park, which is just to the north of where I’m standing at the White House. It has been barricaded. The gates and the fencing have been put up, non scalable, officials say, because of the expectation that this would exactly be the scene on election night. We had to wait five days for that. Right? We took a while to get here.”

A strategic follow-up call within the Democratic Party revealed party in-fighting regarding whether or not voters were driven away by the use of the word ‘socialism’

Rep. Abigail Spanberger a Democrat of Virginia said, “We need to not ever use the word ‘socialist’ or ‘socialism’ ever again. Because while people think it doesn’t matter, it does matter. And we lost good members because of that… And if we are classifying Tuesday as a success from congressional standpoint, we are going to get [bleep] torn apart in 2022.”

A commentator on PBS pointed out, “Well, this has been sort of the central tension for Democrats for the past two years. It was the tension we saw play out in the Democratic presidential primary, too, is these sort of forces between the moderate wing and the more liberal progressive wing. It’s complicated because a lot of the energy inside the caucus is coming from the more progressive wing. I think best exemplified by Alexander Ocasio-Cortez and the more younger female dynamic members. You also saw the same election cycle, veteran Democratic incumbents losing to younger, more progressive candidates.”

She continued, “And a lot of progressives were going into this election thinking they had the energy, they were going to define the agenda. And that is not really what I think most of the party sees is the outcome of 2020. And you have a lot of moderates who feel like the party left them hanging in this election, that when the conversation shifted to things like ‘defund the police’ or when the continual attacks, that Joe Biden was a socialist and they were going to move the party to the left, that they never give a sort of cohesive pushback to those arguments, that they didn’t have a counter and that left them vulnerable.”

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