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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Throws Not-So-Subtle Dig at Fox News and Neil Cavuto For Cutting Away From Trump Campaign Press Conference


Tucker Carlson took aim at Neil Cavuto and Fox News with a not-so-subtle dig on his Monday evening show on the network.

Cavuto, and Fox News, made waves earlier in the day by cutting away from a press conference held by White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. He claimed that the network cannot continue to air her “false claims” in “good conscience.”

“You can’t just cut away from coverage you don’t like. You can’t simply tell people to accept an outcome… because force doesn’t work in a democracy. That’s a dictatorship, Carlson said. “In a free society you have to convince the public of your legitimacy. You have to win them over with reason. Democracy is always a voluntary arrangement. Telling voters to shut up is never enough.”

The media, including Fox News, is blatantly trying to rig the election by trying to hide information about potential election fraud from voters.



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