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WOW! They Want You to Believe This! — Biden Gained Over 1 Million Votes in Pennsylvania SINCE THE MORNING AFTER THE ELECTION!

 This is the biggest election fraud in US history.

We were all shocked back in 2008 when Democrat Al Franken won the Minnesota Senate race by 312 votes with the help of 1,099 illegal felon votes and several hundred ballots “found” in the trunk of a car.

But this year Democrats outdid themselves.

In Pennsylvania President Trump was ahead of Joe Biden by nearly 700,000 votes on Election night.

On Tuesday night President Trump had 2,965,636 votes.
Joe Biden had 2,290,624 votes.

Then Miracles of Miracles!
By Friday morning Joe Biden pulled ahead of Donald Trump in Pennsylvania by 6,826 votes.

Joe Biden now has 3,297,614 votes!

The Democrats, in the privacy of the Philly Convention Center, without ANY GOP inspectors, added OVER ONE MILLION VOTES to Joe Biden’s totals in 2 days!

Joe Biden added one-third of his votes in Pennsylvania since Wednesday morning!

And they want you to take it and just shut up about it!



  2. Your votes don't count.
    Look at the crowds that went to Trump. Look at the Twitter feed 11-02-20
    23:28 Zulu (GMT)
    Twitter count Pro Trump 87,455,000 : Pro Biden 12,600,000
    Trump at 7X Biden!
    and now Biden has 2 million more votes than Trump!
    It has happened already and you all will do nothing.