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2 Virginia Police Officers Hit With Misdemeanor Charges Related to Conduct During George Floyd Protests


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You don’t need me to tell you that cops absolutely showed their asses during the protests that initially arose from the death of George Floyd. Surprisingly, two Virginia cops are actually facing charges as a result of their conduct during one of those protests.

According to ABC News, Richmond police detectives Mark Janowski and Christopher Brown have been hit with two more misdemeanor counts of assault and battery. The two were previously charged with one count each back in October. Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney Colette McEachin confirmed the charges but declined to give any further details.

Janowski, a 34-year old white man, has been with the department for six years while Brown, a 28-year-old Black man, has been there for five.

The weirdest part of this whole situation is that these dudes have gotten hit with three misdemeanor assault charges, but we have no idea what happened to warrant them. The only real detail we have about the incident is that it happened on May 31, on the second night of protests following George Floyd’s death. Local authorities have failed to provide any information beyond that which strikes me as strange.

These are public servants, no? So if they allegedly fuck up and potentially abuse their power against the public, shouldn’t the public know exactly what they did?

It’s even more strange considering the fact these charges stem from a protest that was against the very thing these officers have been charged with. Protesters in Richmond have expressed serious concerns over the way the police responded to the demonstrations.

In June, a police SUV was seen driving over a curb and hitting protesters who were blocking it’s path. A month later, McEachin’s office cleared Richmond police of any wrongdoing stemming from both that incident, and another incident where a cop allegedly spit on a protester.

The fact we saw a police car drive through a crowd and they didn’t get charged, while these two got hit with multiple charges, and we still don’t know what they did makes me incredibly curious about the severity of the incident.

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