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Attorney Greg Teufel: By January 6th the Trump Team Should Hope to Have Some Kind of Relief – If Fraud Is Proven they Can Invalidate an Election (VIDEO)


Greg Teufel, the attorney for Republican Sean Parnell in his Supreme Court case in Pennsylvania, joined National Report on Newsmax on Wednesday morning to discuss his client’s case and the upcoming Texas SCOTUS case.

Greg Teufel had this to say about the Texas Supreme Court case, “That’s an interesting case… In this case they’re not appealing any court below. They’re seeking to start their case in the Supreme Court. It’s still discretionary on the court’s part on whether it takes the case. It appears they (SCOTUS) have as you reported, they ordered a response. That doesn’t necessarily say they are taking the case. Certainly it’s an exciting development in a very interesting case.

 Newsmax host Emma Rechenberg: It looks like the Trump legal team is running out of time. When is the deadline that you’re working on?

Greg Teufel: People I think put too much emphasis on the deadlines. Yes, if you want to prevent Biden from taking office certainly I would say by January 6th hopefully you’d have some kind of relief from a court in order to prevent Biden from being being declared a winner of the presidential election. I think once you get past that date you’re looking at a Biden inauguration. But it is the case that even after people take office in an election if they prove fraud down the road, even years into someone’s term, they can invalidate an election after the fact or order special elections to replace a person who was fraudulently elected.

The law and future of this great nation is more important to a single election. The fraud in this election cannot stand.

Via Newsmax TV:

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