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Autistic son, 21, stabs both his parents to death with a pocket knife after getting into an argument with his father then flees their suburban Massachusetts home, leaving their bodies for police to find in a 'very bloody, brutal scene'

 A 21-year-old autistic man has been arrested after handing himself into police hours after he stabbed his parents to death in their suburban Massachusetts home then fled, leaving a 'brutal' and 'very bloody scene' for police to find. 

Ryan True handed himself in to police on Thursday within hours of police finding the bodies of his parents, Renee and David True, in their home in Middleboro, Massachusetts. 

They had been called to the house to perform a welfare check.

It's unclear who called and why.

Inside, police found a 'brutal' and 'very bloody scene' but Ryan had gone, fleeing the scene in his parents' grey Kia Sorrento SUV. 

Someone was able to then make contact with him on the phone and convince him to go back to the house, where police were waiting for him. 

He confessed to the killings straight away but so far no motive has been made public, telling police that on Wednesday night, he and his father were arguing when he pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed him repeatedly.

His mother then tried to intervene and he started stabbing her then too.

The next morning, he fled in his parents' vehicle. 

When police arrived at the home on Thursday morning, they found blood inside at the bottom of the stairs, a bloody footprint and in general a 'very brutal scene', prosecutors said on Friday. 

When he returned to the house, Ryan had bandages on his hands from where he'd cut himself. 

Renee True
Ryan's father, David

Ryan stabbed his father David first with a pocket knife after they got in an argument. It's unclear what their dispute was over. He then stabbed his mother, Renee, when she arrived home, and started slashing his own hands afterwards

The family's home in Middleboro, where the bodies of the parents were found on Thursday morning

The family's home in Middleboro, where the bodies of the parents were found on Thursday morning 

He told the police that he started slashing his own hands because he 'missed' stabbing his father.  

On Friday, Ryan was arraigned on two counts of murder.

Again, he made no comment which would explain the killings but his attorney asked for a mental evaluation to determine whether or not he is fit to stand trial. 

He is being held without bail in the meantime.  

Renee, 55, was a beloved school bus driver and David, 52, worked for an asphalt contracting company.

Both their workplaces places paid tribute to them on social media.

'Renee was a hard working and dedicated employee. It was clearly evident that she cared about every child she transported every day.

'She will be greatly missed by our transportation department and our entire school community,' said Brian E. Lynch, Superintendent of Schools for Middleborough. 

Authorities said they wanted to reassure people that it was a random act of violence and that there was no outstanding threat. 

'This is a tragic and horrifying situation for, obviously, the family of the deceased and also here in the town of Middleboro,' said Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz. 

'This is a beautiful little community and this doesn't happen here very often.'   

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  1. I'm sure the stabber has been through millions in taxpayer funded mental health treatment, and he's still just as insane as the day he started the treatment.