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Ben Shapiro making a good point for once? (Picture)


r/ToiletPaperUSA - Ben Shapiro making a good point for once?


  1. Take a vaccine for a virus that was never identified or isolated. So, what is the vaccine actually for? Maybe we can eliminate most of the stupid people (first in line) before everyone else figures out what this is really all about.

    1. i agree with you Pepe, I for one will not be taking something that will forever change my RNA/DNA

  2. The only thing approaches 95% is the profit margin. The vaccine has not been proven either safe or effective. If you agree to get vaccinated, consider yourself a willing participant in an experimental drug trial. But remember if something bad happens to you you can't sue the drug company.

  3. So why does this article cite the little zioNUT WEASLE as saying TAKE it like DershowSHITZ!??? Ben Shapiro: 'Get The Vaccine, Dopes'http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=61949

  4. You bring your needle, I will bring my 357, we will see whomakes the biggest hole.