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Crowd Gasps After AZ Witness Reveals How Easy it is to Hack Dominion Voting Machines, “Your Vote is Not as Secure as Your Venmo Account” (VIDEO)


President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Trump campaign senior legal advisor Jenna Ellis appeared before Arizona state lawmakers in a public hearing on Monday.

Rudy Giuliani’s first witness at the Arizona hearing on Monday was information warfare officer Retired Army Colonel Phil Waldron.

Recall, Colonel Waldron also testified before the Pennsylvania senate majority last week on the election fraud, huge ballot spikes for Joe Biden and Dominion voting systems.

On Monday Waldron confirmed experts witnessed Dominion communicating with Frankfurt on Election Day.

The Dominion voting machines were hooked up to the internet and completely open to hackers.

Colonel Waldron spoke on how vulnerable Dominion is to hackers and the crowd gasped.

Waldron said votes in the Dominion voting system can be changed “by an authorized user or and unauthorized user (hacker).”

“Your vote is not as secure as your Venmo account,” Waldron said referring to a mobile payment service.


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