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Public Radio “Reporter” Arrested For Firebombing Police Cars


A “reporter” for a public radio station in Little Rock, Arkansas has been arrested for firebombing police cars.

She allegedly threw Molotov cocktails into police cars and punctured their tires.

BizPacReview reported: 

On Dec. 17th, the Department of Justice published a press release announcing the arrest of four suspects: “Brittany Dawn Jeffrey, 31; Emily Nowlin, 27; Renea Goddard, 22; and Aline Espinosa-Villegas, 24; all of Little Rock.”

Three of the four — Nowlin, Goddard and Espinosa-Villegas — allegedly prepared Molotov cocktails at Jeffrey’s home and then threw them into several Little Rock Police Department cruisers during a “protest” on Aug. 25th. They also allegedly punctured the vehicles’ tires.

One of the four, Goddard, has since been outed as Renea Baek Goddard, a radical, far-left “gay rights” and “trans rights” activist who’s worked as a “reporter” for local public radio station KUAR since 2018.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has more:

Law enforcement officials also were told by witnesses that Goddard, Nowlin and Espinosa-Villegas were responsible for vandalism at Arkansas State Police headquarters in Little Rock on Aug. 28, and cell phone data confirmed their phones were in the area of the headquarters that day, according to the release. During the incident, one police vehicle was set on fire, one was vandalized with spray-paint and other vehicles had punctured tires, according to the prosecutor’s office.

Andy Ngo reports this:



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  1. Do you mean that out of all the looting, destroying businesses with fire...
    this is it? How about the media's role? How about the local politicians?
    How about the funding to BLM and Antifa? In fact, its a federal crime to
    fund terrorist organizations...is that why they ignored both of them?
    Cherry picking with the Patriot Act? Are we not a nation of laws?
    Are we being ruled by law or a chosen few?
    Do we not have protection under the Constitution? Is the FBI there
    to protect and serve?

    Do "we the people" even have a clue who is behind all of this?