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This might actually work (Picture)


r/MadeMeSmile - This might actually work


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    1. Only if you fear it for some reason. It's a natural thing. Let people be, concentrate on what's important. Don't infect Republicanism with this kind of bs. That's what democrats do.

  2. If you really want to help your brother, Senthorun, get him some help for his psycological problems.

    1. It's not psychological, but this signifies your need for help and your fear of something. Let people be. That's what Republicans do. Stop it Isaac. Grow up and stop fearing the part of you that craves cock. It's a male thing. I was a projectionist at a campus theatre in the 80s and on a weeknight the late show was porn. Filled with college boys, the one night we could count on big ticket sales, otherwise, just an arthouse. What you start to get out of the experience is that sex really is private, but astounding to everyone detached from the film, you knew the "climax" because all of these young men would get very loud and aroused and ejaculate at the sight up close of a big cock ejaculating. THAT is the image and moment everyone waited for. Cuckolding is a thing, you know. Dick envy is normal. Don't be afraid of your feelings of self-doubt. No point in fearing them, just accept them. Your fears are probably founded. That's the greatest fear, the one that sends you out searching for anything gay to bash verbally. Most people do not go about life wondering who is or isn't this or that, because most decent people realize it's meant to be private and beyond the reach of government. When it becomes public, it becomes all the things anyone can pick out about anything anyone else does to provide shame. So much easier when you feel the weight of humanity behind you.

      I think one thing that happens biologically in a womb is that possibly more than one egg has become fertilized and only one will survive, enveloping and taking into itself the still living cells of another, possibly opposite-sexed embryo. I think that may account for why some humans carry the characteristics of both genders. One will dominate in one way or another. They have found that chimeras are more common than we thought. You can, it turns out, give birth to your niece or nephew, from a purely biological point. When I heard this, I thought that may explain a lot. It's worth considering. Lots of reasons not to bash people who already face difficulties, it just makes you a reactionary bully like a democrat.