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“I Would Have Wiped the Floor with The Guys That Weren’t Loyal Which I Will Now Do” – Donald Trump Spoke Out on His Betrayers in 1992 Interview (Video)


Is this the last we hear of President Trump? 

Will he lay low and allow the communist takeover of the United States after his election was stolen by Joe Biden.  Or will he continue his fight to save America from the globalists and the sellouts? 

Citizen Trump once said the he “would have wiped the floor with the guys who weren’t loyal”.   This was from an interview  in 1992.  According to the American Independent:

A recently surfaced recording of Donald Trump’s appearance on the Charlie Rose show in 1992 shows that Trump has been obsessed with loyalty and revenge for a very long time.

Trump explicitly divides people into two groups: Those who are loyal to him and those who are disloyal. And he chillingly declares that he “loves getting even” with those he perceives as having been disloyal — people who “didn’t come to [his] aid” or “do small things that would have helped.”

But if you want to see this video today you have to put up with Google – YouTube chyrons or footnotes at the bottom of the page under the video – garbage that says “states certify results after ensuring ballots are properly counted and correcting irregularities and errors”.

These people are sick – Big Media, Big Tech, the Democrats and many Republicans.  The 2020 election was stolen.  We could name three significant issues in three states that would overturn the election if addressed.  Unfortunately, it seems that no one but the 74.2 million Americans who voted for President Trump would care.

In 1992 Trump said he liked getting even with those who were not loyal.

The list is long.  Lots of people have betrayed President Trump and America these past few months especially.  What will Trump do and when?


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