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My first reaction to this post (Picture)


My first reaction to this post


  1. What the living Hell is that green haired "thing"? I see 2 Goth chicks in the pic. 2nd row middle and red head to the left. The rest of those shits need to be dumped in afrika somewhere.

  2. So, the question is... Is a women only music festival sexual discrimination? Of COURSE it is! The bigger issue is, "should ALL discrimination based on sex, race, religion, gender choice, place of national origin, etc., be illegal?" No, it should not. As long as private individuals are using their private time and property, and "neither breaking someone's leg, nor picking their pocket", discrimination ought to be their right. As it stands now, the government will send violent men with guns to stop you from using your own property in a manner you see fit. The only time when the government workers will leave you alone is if you are discriminating against White men (and sometimes Asians when it is politically convenient).

  3. Not many men are attracted to or want to hang-out with seriously mentally ill 300 lbs. Bull-Dykes who hate men...just saying.