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PHOTO EVIDENCE: Dominion Voting Machines Have “Made in China” Labels


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Patrick Byrne posted a photo on Monday of Dominion Voting Machines sitting in a warehouse in Sacramento.

All of the boxes have “Made in China” labels.

In 2019 NBC News warned that Dominion Computer parts were made in China.

And China has a long history of including spyware in their products.

In 2016 China was accused of loading up to 700 million Android devices with pre-installed spyware.

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  1. The State Of California has been defrauding its citizens tor at least 10 years by using these vote count altering machines and their associated software. California must return all of our tax money that was collected by using these ‘vote fraud’ generating machines! All so called ‘elected officials’ must return their salaries to the tax payers in California and this applies to the state ‘corruptocrats’as well.