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Profits over people results in good food being tossed (Picture)



  1. Especially when the gov criminal agenda wants a food supply shortage...
    They need chaos to continue running cover for their Covid con and their election scam.
    We are living through a global communist coup by ZOG governments.

    None of this would be happening if we picked the right side to fight with in WW2.

  2. The people who own the food can do what ever they want with it.?
    If you are concerned then buy it and give it away?

  3. Waste not want not. Why do supermarkets throw away perfectly good produce when they can mark it down or just donate to food banks? Beats the hell out of me why they do this throw out shit.....

  4. I tell you what! I can't even give my excess food away to the crowds of organic food loving people. Americans as many other Western people have become lazy and run for food they can't afford.