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PURE EVIL: Democrats Release Articles of Impeachment Against President Trump for Challenging Fraud in Election and for Raid on US Capitol


House Democrats released their Articles of Impeachment against President Donald J. Trump on Monday.

Democrats want to impeach President Trump for challenging the fraudulent election that any auditor worth their salt would confirm was illegitimate and filled with anomolies.

And, although not reported by the liberal media, EVERY anomaly went AGAINST President Trump.
There are hundreds os examples of this.

Challenging the fraud was President Trump’s duty. And, for the record, is also the duty of Congress and the Department of Justice.
Why is this not being reported?

Here is the full text of the latest impeachment.

Democrats stole Trump’s landslide election.
Now they’re going to “impeach” him for questioning it.

Articles of Impeachment by acohnthehill

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