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There’s Really Only One Way to Save Our Union and Bring the Country Back Together and It’s Not Impeachment


Our country was founded on the concept that we all inherit unalienable rights from our God – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  These rights are being trampled on today.  There is only one way to restore these rights and bring this country together after the 2020 election.  Impeachment is not the answer.

If we want this country to prosper and live on in freedom, then we must have a love for our brothers and sisters.  We must treat each other with kindness, listen to their hearts, and peacefully address the concerns that we have.  Ignoring Americans, and taking away their rights, is not the answer.

The Constitution provides for individual rights and the right to elect individuals to public positions that represent us is a key right of all Americans.  Today a majority of Americans believe that our right to a free and fair election has been taken from us.  Our country will not stand with this belief lingering in our souls.

President Trump received millions of more ballots than any candidate before him and he crushed Obama’s record of 69 million in 2008, with over 74 million votes this year.   There is ample evidence this was the greatest election win in history.  But then, on election night, the counting stopped, which never happened before, and suddenly early in the morning the key swing states all received dumps of Biden only votes.  From that point forward President Trump never took the lead.  These votes were never forensically reviewed.

Americans saw this.  The result, after these large ballot dumps, were that Joe Biden was given the lead in these states.  These ballots were never audited forensically.  Today there are enough invalidated ballots in three states alone that would swing the results of this election.

In addition, yesterday expert Jovan Hutton Pulitzer announced that he has identified over 300,000 ballots, in Pennsylvania alone, that were not processed by the USPS, which must be explained because, as is, they should be considered invalid.

To address the majority of Americans who believe the election was stolen the only real answer is to validate the vote.  This can be done quickly and it is our right.  Election results must be maintained for nearly two years after an election and we have a right to know the valid results.

Republicans should want this to placate the 75 million who voted for President Trump.  Their efforts to date have been to basically ignore the concerns from these millions and suggest they’ll address election fraud sometime in the future.  To ignore their base will ensure that they never win a major election again.  Those who voted and whose valid claims aren’t heard will become disenfranchised and many will never vote again.  They won’t vote Republican because they will feel unheard and ignored and abandoned.

Democrats, led by Joe Biden, should encourage a forensic audit performed by Pulitzer because they can then prove that their candidate did indeed win the election and receive 81 million valid votes.  As of today many Americans don’t believe Biden received over 70 million votes, let alone over 80 million.

Americans can provide each other the satisfaction of knowing the real winner of the 2020 election.  Many will not like the result but all will know the results are valid.

Javon Pulitzer can save this nation and perform this forensic review quickly.  Please encourage your legislatures at the state and federal level to have their results undergo a quick forensic audit by Pulitzer.

Please log into this site FreeRoots Scan the Ballots and follow the instructions to have your voice heard.  Let US politicians know you want the ballots from the 2020 election scanned and reviewed.

Impeaching the President is not the answer.  Everyone knows that.  This is an act of hate not love. 

We need to love one another.  Come together to solve issues.  Ensure our rights are protected and move forward as a country together.


  1. Sorry, but Trump supporters never called for putting Hillary supporters in "enlightenment" camps, or worse, after he won. We better think about self-defense, not loving the enemy.

    Look at the US election map by county. Look at the area of red vs. blue. These people calling for the canceling, sanctioning, or even internment, of republicans, conservatives, or Trump supporters better realize once they are out of their blue cities, there are no safe zones out here.

  2. The real winner on election day was the international banking cartel that has owned the US since 1913. Trump is a corporatist, but an American corporatist, not an international one.
    While people rightfully criticize Trump's pandering to Israel, what they do not realize is that he made it so blatant that it woke up the previously sleeping people to all the pandering that has been done in past and will continue in future under Joe "I'm a Zionist" Biden. The one thing he hasn't given Israel, to date, is the shooting war they desire.