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You Want to See Rage? Wait til Americans See How Fake News Media Lied to Them for Months and Hid Joe Biden’s Severe Dementia


Joe Biden is suffering from severe dementia.

Joe Biden is a 78-year-old senior suffering from dementia.  The media has been hiding this from you.  Joe Biden hid in his basement instead of running a campaign.  Democrats were not worried.  They didn’t even knock on doors in 2020.  They knew how they would win.  Now Joe Biden is president.

Joe was never that bright.  He was always a blowhard.  Now he’s just not there.

And the mainstream fake news media ignored this and dismissed this because they were on his side.

Joe Biden has trouble walking, talking, reading a Teleprompter, and showering with his dog.

The liberal media played it off without a flinch.

The media ignored his obvious dementia.  They ignored his enabling wife leading him around like a dog.  Since the election, she split her caretaker duties with Kamala Harris.

Earlier this week the author of “Joe Biden Unauthorized” says he’s seen a 50% decline in Joe Biden’s mental capacity. We all have.

The mainstream media is known for its deceit. Wait until ordinary, everyday Americans start paying attention to Joe Biden and notice the obvious — Joe Biden has severe dementia.

And the media openly lied about it and played along to get him elected.

And they wonder why trust in the media is at an all-time low?


  1. Nah. they ignored zioTrumpy's ties to EPSTEIN and more. They dont CARE! https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-v-IYU1xPgG8/VzF8KqOGiWI/AAAAAAAAUWY/LNt2zNrgWmQCpsytq9VvZYRNM6bovbRZACLcB/s1600/Trump%2BJewish%2BPuppet%2B3.png

  2. I am afraid that I see him in off-the-cuff remarks where he seems quite stable and in control of his thoughts. I suspect this has more to do with wriggling out of responsibility for his family affairs with son Hunter using access for cash.

  3. The Right already knew this a long time ago. But the Left were too busy hating everything to stop and THINK for a moment and realize that Trump was saving us from EVERYTHING. The Left will probably hate themselves more for helping China Joe to cheat his way into Office.