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Anti-Semitic dog whistle neatly destroyed (Picture)


r/MurderedByWords - Anti-Semitic dog whistle neatly destroyed

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  1. The headline: "Anti-Semitic dog whistle neatly destroyed"

    Really? Anti-semitic? REALLY? The quote says nothing at all, nothing, about Jews or Semites, and yet that is exactly what the person writing the headline jumps to. Why wasn't "elderly Japanese tourist" on your list? Why didn't "Nebraska corn farmer" come to mind? No quick thoughts that maybe "French aristocrats" was a better answer? No? Instead, the writer automatically assumed it was speaking of Jews.

    There really are only two reasons why "Jews" would come to mind. Either:
    1) the answer really is "Jews" and everyone can see the truth of it, or
    2) the author is a raging anti-semite and secretly blames the Jews.