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“Bait And Switch” – Leftists Hammer Biden Over Broken Relief Check Promise


Left-wingers are turning on Joe Biden.

Actress Susan Sarandon hammered Joe Biden over his broken promise to deliver $2,000 stimulus checks.

Former Dem presidential candidate Marianne Williamson said this:

Biden’s broken promise:

Susan Sarandon and Marianne Williamson aren’t the only left-wingers realizing they were conned by Joe Biden.

Labor Unions who endorsed Biden have come out attacking him for his policies.


  1. Maybe Leftists Hammer Biden Over Broken Relief Check Promise, because they would rather get money for not working than tell Biden to open up the country?

  2. The missing stimulus money went straight into the pocket of the Pentagon. Guns before butter, comrades!

  3. The stimmy checks went to foreign countries for abortions....