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CAUGHT: Liar George Conway Tells MSNBC that He Didn’t Know Groomer John Weaver Well — Then This OpEd They Co-Wrote in the NY Times Resurfaces

 The Never-Trumpers at the Lincoln Project were scrambling to put out fires after one of their married founders was caught sending sexually explicit messages to young men.

News broke on Sunday that 21 men had accused Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver of online harassment, according to a report by The New York Times.

The youngest victim The New York Times spoke to was just 14 years old when John Weaver started messaging and grooming him.

The New York Times says the evidence of Weaver’s online harassment is well documented and backed up by screenshots and ran between 2015-2020.

It was an open secret but the Lincoln Project is acting like they had no idea Weaver was grooming young men, including underage teen boys.

But on Monday nasty Trump-hater and wife abuser George Conway tried to tell MSNBC that he didn’t know John Weaver very well.

It didn’t take long for Joe Concha to point out that the two co-wrote an anti-Trump editorial with two other Lincoln Project goons in The New York Times back in 2019.
George, you just got caught!


  1. C'mon man! It was a different George Conway who co-wrote the article.

  2. Why is this lying pig not charged and convicted?