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It’s about how you swing it . (Picture)


r/SelfAwarewolves - It’s about how you swing it .


  1. Learn who's behind all the censorship, school curriculums and fake news-
    and then you'll have your answer. Then add Jeffery Epstein.

    Smith Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 allows them to lie to us with impunity.

  2. Maybe the Republicans would have voted for the $1400 checks if the Dems had not put it in the same bill that gave $2,000,000,000,000 to everyone besides the American people.

  3. How about this. Take the lid off the economy tied up with blown up mandates harbouring business and peoples ability to make a living. 1400 bucks after a year of no jobs is a joke. Please heads up on this as it seems to be eluding reality. NO JOB INCOME - NO LIFE! So quite with the stupid antics in the Halls of Justice (LOL) and start doing your jobs getting our country back on track. OPEN IT UP...

  4. Yeah, there was a president recently who felt the same way. The people in charge of the country made sure he did not get a 2nd term. Too bad.