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Nasty Stanford Professor Who Made Fun of Barron Trump Given Top Position at DOJ


One of the most bitter and biased individuals in US law has been appointed to a top role at the Department of Justice (DOJ).

The Daily Mail reported:

… Joe Biden, who called for unity with Republicans during his inaugural address, has appointed Pamela Karlan, a Trump impeachment witness, to serve in a top position at the Justice Department.

This comes after Facebook appointed the bitter and biased woman to a role at their conservative censor happy organization:

Ms. Karlan used the President’s son, Barron Trump, as the brunt of a distasteful joke in front of the American people in the Democrats’ last BS impeachment.

In response to her horrible bias and disgusting remarks about President Trump’s son, Ms. Karlan is being recognized and given a top job at the already broken DOJ. 

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