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Awkward… NBA Team Swaps Out “Kiss Cam” For “Hand Sanitizer Cam” to Welcome Fans Back to Arena – Fans Respond (VIDEO)


This should help the failing NBA.

The Milwaukee Bucks swapped out the “kiss cam” for “hand sanitizer cam” to welcome fans back to their arena after Covid lockdowns.

The Bucks recently brought back fans to watch games in person and let’s just say a little has changed over the past year because of the pandemic.

The hand sanitizer cam…is a little weird.


Fans and sportscasters reacted to the hand sanitizer cam….


  1. What a load of dog-vomit and pig-shit.

  2. Pretty pathetic. Did you notice the sheep wearing the mascot costume had a face diaper on over his costume face. Well he is an idiot. If my boss told me to wear a face diaper over my costume head I'd tell him to fuck off and I'd leave. Ifv the boss didn't tell him to wear it then he really is a class A-1 idiot.