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Black dog can't be a guide (Picture)


Black dog can't be a guide


  1. of course having a black guide dog is racist.....just like back on the plantations again

  2. Bus driver = union member = democrat = dumbest people on the planet.

  3. It's NOT a black dog; It has Identified as a white dog it's entire life!

    1. The dog identifies as a white fairy princess. They were on their way to its sexual reassignment surgery. Case pending in the Supreme Court, because this is more important to them than election integrity.

  4. "White" I capitialize. Not "black".

  5. I heard an anecdote of one blind fellow with a cane being told "you aren't really blind! Blind people wear sunglasses!"

    As for the black guide dog... If I were that young woman, I would be trying to decide which lawyer I wanted to represent the assortment of complaints I would be bringing up against the bus line and the driver. Seriously, some forms of stupidity, ignorance and prejudice are so wicked they need to be punished.

  6. Now had she been a woman of color then it would have been perfectly fine and dandy....just ask any libturd....