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CRINGE: Joe Biden: “I Wanted to Yield to My Vice President, Who’s Smarter Than I Am” (VIDEO)


Joe Biden and his babysitter Kamala Harris on Friday visited the CDC in Atlanta before meeting with leaders from the Asian community.

Biden’s trip to Atlanta was a total disaster and kicked off with a triple fall as he boarded Air Force One.

Biden fall air force one march 2021

Biden and Harris trashed the US as a racist and xenophobic country as they met with the leaders of the Asian-American community.

They also visited the CDC in Atlanta and Biden’s remarks were cringeworthy.

After declaring that “science is back,” Biden handed it over to Kamala Harris and said, “I wanted to yield to my Vice President, who’s smarter than I am.”

“Well there’s not much to add to that,” Harris said cackling.



  1. Hey Jo, the VP is a whore and BTW you or her were not elected to shit

  2. VP harris is smarter than biden.
    as opposed to VP pence who is exactly as smart as trump.