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Eric Trump: They Weaponized the Legal System – I Got Hundreds of Subpoenas – They Attacked Our Kids who are One-and-a-Half and Three-and-a-Half (VIDEO)


Eric Trump joined Greg Kelly tonight following President Trump’s speech Sunday at CPAC!

During their discussion, Eric reported on the horrific abuse the family received the past 5 years.

The left not only abused President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump but also abused the Trump children and grandchildren.

Eric Trump: Greg, I don’t think people even comprehend… I don’t think people realize what the Democrats tried to do to us. The way they weaponized the system. I got hundreds, hundreds, and hundreds of subpoenas. Every single day. The way they weaponized the legal system against us, the way they still do it. The way they are just out for blood. Anything they could do to take down our family, our friends. Anybody who came close to us. The way people tried to cancel us. And despite that we kept on fighting and fighting and fighting. We did so every single day… There’s so much behind the scenes that people don’t even comprehend. It was an emotional end to a beautiful journey. They came after us and our kids and Barron and our kids who are one-and-a-half, three-and-a-half and the things that were said to them!


  1. The vileness of the Left/Democrats is unbelievable!

    Even the Mafia left the families alone.

    It shows that they're Globalists/non-Humans. No heart, no Souls.

  2. The above comment made by NONA show just how dim the indoctrinated insular bores of the right have become since the MAGA failed cult leader became and lost the presidency.

  3. democrats are, as a whole, vile, diseased and criminal. They deserve all the ill coming their way. google is as well. Death to google.....may it rot in hell.