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Germany in a nutshell (Picture)


Germany in a nutshell


  1. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. but without a few words of explanation, this is just a picture of your boundless stupidity.

  2. Germany it totally OWNED by the zioNUTs who polluted it in Hitler's day and through commie Merkel have pretty much sucked it DRY! They've done the same here in the US. They DID 911, Epstein and ARE ISIS. Control BOTH parties here. Get it?

  3. If I could award bonus points to the comments above I would...
    in the meantime...If I took one of their deadly "shots" and shot up
    my next door neighbor...and the person died, I would be charged with murder
    and then a prison term. Yet...if one of these so called doctors, which
    means temporary fix btw...does it they get off Scott free...cause why?
    Because they have a license to kill.

    What's wrong with this meme?
    Vaccines don't work to begin with...no vaccine
    does what is intended to accomplish...immunity.
    They are all bioweapons that cause bodily damage.
    Serum Sickness is not an adverse effect...it is the
    consequences of the body suffering from
    a poisonous shot.

    1. High-functioning psychopaths gotta be psychopaths...