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GOP Delegation Visits the Southern Border At the “We Build the Wall” Site


GOP Leadership visited the Souther Border Wall today.  The place they happened to visit is where the “We Build the Wall” group built a structure a few years ago.

GOP leadership visited the Southern border today and spoke at the border about the unconstitutional actions taking place by the Biden Administration at the border.  It is Obama all over again.  Representative McCarthy said:

The security of our nation and our border is first and foremost the responsibility of our President.

Well, the current insane gang in DC ignores laws and does what it wants – and this Administration wants to destroy America.

The spot where the GOP team spoke from was where the group – “We Build the Wall” – built a wall. This was a key location where a wall was needed to prevent drug and human traffickers, and illegal aliens from entering the country.

This group raised money to build the wall.  It then was targeted in a political hit job by the DOJ’s Southern District of New York.  Representative Paul Gosar from Arizona requested that President Trump pardon all these individuals because they had done nothing wrong and were attacked to building the wall.

Unfortunately, only Steve Bannon was pardoned and the remaining three individuals indicted in this case are still facing bogus charges in a bogus case instigated in New York.

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