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Socialism “Is Taking Root Here at Fort Pelosi” – Representative Mo Brooks Goes Off on Socialist Democrats


Representative Mo Brooks was on with the War Room and shared his observations of the socialist takeover of the Democrat Party.

Rep. Mo Brooks says “socialists on Capitol Hill” are now running the Democrat Party.  On the War Room with Steve Bannon, Brooks shared:

… the Nazi’s, but it also was a socialist regime.  You can look at their 1920 party platform to confirm what I’ve just said.  And what resulted there?  Tens of millions of people died as a result of socialism taking hold in Europe and doing the things that they did, some of the most horrific acts in humanity that the world has ever seen.  That’s one of the reasons as an aside why we have to fight socialist dictatorial policies here in the United States of America.

An unfortunately, those dictatorial socialist policies are embedded and taking hold here at fort Pelosi, where we have a fence with razor wire on it and National Guard troops, not to protect Americans, but to prevent Americans from being able to exercise their constitutional rights to interact with their Congressman and Senators and petician their Congressmen for grievances.  That’s where we are right now.”

Well said, Representative Brooks.  Another right given to Americans taken away by our politicians in the past year.


  1. WOW Calling China "the most criminal regime " WOW
    How about we ask people from Yemen or Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya or Syria or Venezuela to see what is they're opinion Uh
    Why don't you say it as it is , since 1945 every single year , US of Terror was in A War or Regime Change somewhere around the Planet , in the process Killing over 35 Million people and now You call China "A Criminal Regime" WOW How Hypocrite can one be WOW

  2. Look at who is Calling China " A Criminal Nation " . . . https://www.globalresearch.ca/denial-selective-perception-and-military-atrocities/21144