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“There’s Not a Single Piece of Advice that Lindsey Graham Has Ever Given the President, President Trump, That I’ve Ever Agreed With – He’s Just Poison” – Peter Navarro


Peter Navarro was on with Steve Bannon at the War Room this past week and he called out Lindsey Graham. 

Dr. Peter Navarro shares with Bannon:

Lindsey Graham is a problem at this point for me.  Lindsey Graham is DACA.  Lindsey Graham is the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee that spent four years promising to prosecute people like Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Page, Strozk.  He never did it.  I don’t understand why.  Lindsey Graham is the guy who advised the President not to present an affirmative defense about the fact that that election was stolen from him.  And the fact that he flits around and still is in the Trump orbit, I think that’s a big problem.  Because there’s not a single piece of advice Lindsey Graham has ever given the President, President Trump, that I’ve ever agreed with.  He’s just poison.

For years we asked when would Graham be held accountable for the many promises that he never kept?

Graham was never held accountable and now look where we are.  We have a justice system that doesn’t care about crimes, only political attacks against good Americans, thanks to Lindsey.

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