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What ever will we do?! (Picture)


What ever will we do?!


  1. Here in Australia I had two procedures totaling $15,600, there was no charge to me apart from around 3% of my taxable income every year.

    1. And a lot of us in Australia have private insurance as well as Medicare. We can adjust the amount of cover we have, what is covered, and what the excess is. Combine it with Medicare to get the best results. I had a triple bypass op in a private hospital. Paid A$500 excess, insurance paid about A$5000, and Medicare covered the rest.

      My son's wisdom teeth were not covered at all. Cost A$2000 to have them out.

  2. Health insurance is a tax on you for residing in your body. Your payment to live. one of many.

  3. Here in the US medical care (and medical insurance) is expensive for ONE and ONLY ONE reason. Our politicians have accepted bribes to make it that way. That's it. That's all there is to it. Our politicians have accepted bribes from health care corporations. Sometimes as "campaign donations", sometimes as promises of jobs after they leave office, sometimes for putting friends and relatives in lucrative deals or positions, but always the bribes are a payoff for our politicians to pass legislation that makes and KEEPS medical care expensive. That's it, that's the ONLY reason. Wrap your head around that. The system is broken because our politicians are crooked. Medical care is expensive because our politicians want their bribes more than they want you to live.