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Black Diner Profiled, Harassed by Pennsylvania Cop Who Is Giving Us Drunk Vibes

 Doctors don’t know everything. They know a lot, though. And generally what they use to come up with a diagnosis is symptoms. It’s not an infallible science, but it’s the best we have.

The cop who decided to harass a Black diner for being all Black and eating in a place where people eat may not have been drunk but he had a lot of the drunk symptoms.


Someone reportedly called the police to G&G Restaurant in Vandergrift, Pa., because Vandergrift doesn’t sound like a place where Black people are welcomed (I didn’t Google the population so please don’t comment bomb me about how Vandergrift was founded by slaves. This is a racial profiling story and I’m trying to get into character.)

According to the Daily Dot, the folks of Vandergrift, or at least some of them, don’t like the good green because the police were called about someone smoking marijuana in front of the diner. In the video, a white Vandergrift police officer, William Moore, can be seen telling Marcus Townsend, a Black man, who reportedly recorded the video, that he was called because of Townsend.

Notice the officer doesn’t say that he’s been called because of a crime, or even an alleged crime; he just says that he’s been called because of Townsend, who is Black.

Townsend can be heard asking the officer why he’s being bothered by the officer, who appears to be slurring his words and doing that one-word answer thing that people do when they are drunk. I am in no way insinuating that the officer was drunk. I’m just noting the symptoms.



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