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Black Students at Private School in Connecticut Use Instagram to Call Out Racist Behavior of Faculty and Teachers

 Unfortunately, it should come as no surprise at this point that teachers can be just as racist as any other group of people. You would think working around kids all day would make you a little more privy to their technological prowess, but apparently that’s not the case, as a group of Black students at a private school in Connecticut have used Instagram to put the racist behavior of their teachers and faculty on blast.

According to Insider, the Instagram account “Black at King” has been active since last June and is filled with multiple accounts from current and former students about racist incidents they’ve experienced at the private King School in Stamford, Conn. The account doesn’t just have detailed accounts of racism, but also has pictures of staff and faculty posted alongside the racist behavior they’re accused of engaging in.

When are y’all gonna learn that hell truly hath no fury like a teenager with a smartphone?

From Insider:

A student identifying as a Black male said that as a 6th grader, he was forced to run in the woods at night, pretending to be on the “underground railroad” with other students and teachers posing as “slave catchers.”

“We were led by another white counselor to a ‘safe house’ and made to hide in the bathroom. The ‘slave catchers’ then found some of us in the bathroom and captured us, splitting us from the group,” he wrote.

The account lists over 100 instances of racist remarks and comments from teachers and fellow students “fetishizing” and “sexualizing” Black students.

“I heard a teacher talk to a mother about my hair and how ‘different’ it was. She complained about how (the) other girls’ hair was neat and straight while mine was curly,” said one post from a female student at the King School.

Accounts from people claiming to be former teachers at the school allege that white faculty members would privately complain that the school’s director of equity and inclusion was “pushing that agenda again.” Another post alleged that “hostile” behavior by school’s administrative staff made it “impossible for Black employees to build inclusive environments.”

As a result of being put all the way on blast, the King School has issued a statement apologizing for the actions of teachers and administrators. “Since last summer, King School embarked on an intentional journey to examine every area of the school through a lens of equity and inclusion, with an overarching goal of becoming a more inclusive and anti-racist school,” the statement read. The statement also acknowledged that the incidents spotlighted on the account were “not isolated events.” The school has pledged to design a curriculum that is more “inclusive.”

I’m really hoping that teachers will learn that if they choose to do their job in a racist manner, their asses will be lit up on the internet. The kids don’t play that shit and the sooner you get with it, the better off you’ll be.

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  1. I'm waiting to hear a time when blacks, whether students or employees, can enter a school or employment without claiming racism at the drop of a hat.