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Multiple Homes With Black Lives Matter Signs Have Had Their Tires Slashed in Sacramento Neighborhood

 You know, maybe it’s because I grew up in the Wild West era of Xbox Live voice chat, but I generally find the current crop of right-wing trolls and provocateurs more bemusing than offensive. I just can’t take a group of people calling folks snowflakes seriously when they get so in their feelings they do shit like slashing people’s tires over a Black Lives Matter sign.

That’s simply a bitch move, in my humble opinion.

According to KCRA, Sacramento police are currently investigating an apparent string of tire slashings around the Elmhurst neighborhood. The most recent slashing happened earlier this week at the home of Jason Dillard, who noticed his car was much lower to the ground when he was preparing to leave for work on Tuesday. “I came out, and I’m getting ready to put my tools in my car, and I go to unlock it and I feel like I’m a little taller than my car,” Dillard told the news outlet. He quickly realized that three of the tires on his SUV had been slashed.

Dillard believes his tires were slashed because a sign outside his house that reads “Black Lives Matter #wereinthistogether.” It isn’t baseless speculation on Dillard’s part, either. “It’s not just me that it’s happened to. Other people that have the Black Lives Matter signs,” Dillard said.

Community pages for the neighborhood on social media reveal that multiple people have had their tires slashed since January, and they too had Black Lives Matter signs outside their homes.

I really want to know who did this simply so that I can take a cursory glance at their social media pages. I am willing to bet money that the person responsible has posted at least one thing complaining about property damage during the protests that occurred last year.

Cognitive dissonance: It’s the conservative way.

KRCA notes that they are aware of at least three different tire slashing incidents around the Elmhurst neighborhood. The Sacramento Police Department told the news outlet that they are investigating multiple slashing incidents in the area, but they didn’t have an exact number on how many have occured in the last four months.

“The Sacramento Police Department is aware of multiple vandalisms that have occurred in the Elmhurst neighborhood. A detective has been assigned to determine if there is any connection between these vandalisms. The Sacramento Police Department urges the community to report any suspicious activities in the area.”

While Dillard was annoyed by the inconvenience of having his tires slashed, he was more so concerned about the potential reason it happened. “Hatred has never, ever in history, made anybody’s lives better,” Dillard said.

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