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‘Yeah and I’m a Racist’: Ohio Man Evicted and Charged With Hate Crime After Threatening to Kill Black Woman

 There are white people who are racist, and then there are white people who are so dedicated to their racism that any mundane, non-offense will do when looking for excuses to lose their shit on a Black person.

Last week, a white man in Stow, Ohio, was charged with a hate crime after a viral video showed him threatening to kill a Black woman with an AK-47 while they were in the presence of her small child. He also proudly proclaimed to be racist (as if that needed proclaiming) after telling the woman she didn’t belong in the area because she’s a “dumb Black fucking bitch.” What did the Black woman do to inspire such white supremacist rage? Apparently, he didn’t like the way she was driving.

Kiauna Larkins told CBS News that she was delivering a Door Dash order at Wyndham Ridge Apartments with her 3-year-old son in the car when the man identified by police as 53-year-old James Rhodes got his Klan-derwear all in a bunch and got out of the car demanding that she “Get the fuck out of here!”

“I pay $1,000 a month here,” Rhodes is heard saying in the video as if a stack a month is some kind of flex. (I don’t know what rent is like in Ohio, but $1,000 a month in Atlanta will get you a studio apartment where you can reach the fridge from your bedroom. And ATL is considered a cheap city to live in.)

“You can’t,” he continued. “You make $1,000 [every] two months.”

After Larkins asked Rhodes how his mayonnaise-on-Wonder-Bread-is-a-gourmet-dish-ass would know how much she makes (she was more polite about it than I’m making it seem, of course), he responded saying, “you’re a dumb, Black fucking bitch.”

“Yeah, and I’m a racist—and I’m a racist motherfucker,” the winner of the “no shit, Sherlock” award continued. “I got an AK-47 right now in my fucking goddamn car—I’ll blow your fucking head off.”

From CBS:

Other videos of the interaction show witnesses attempting to stand up for Larkins.

“You don’t call her names because you’re pissed,” one woman yelled at Rhodes after she got out of her car. When she told him that he’s a racist, he responded, “Yeah, I am. ... I’m tired of this sh** in this country ... F*** you and everybody that looks like you.”

Several other people were heard yelling at him in the video.

He is also seen encouraging Larkins to “call the cops” because she was “driving erratically.”

So somebody called the cops along with Rhodes’ bluff, and now the neo-Nazi who thinks $1,000 per month rent is some “Fresh Grand Wizard of Belair” shit has been charged with aggravated menacing and ethnic intimidation, the latter of which is a felony hate crime.

What makes Rhodes’ behavior even more embarrassing is that, according to CBS correspondent David Begnaud, Rhodes told the police he didn’t actually have any weapons in his car, which makes him the white supremacist version of a wanksta, a studio gangsta and a half-way crook.

Not only is Rhodes facing criminal charges due to his behavior, but he lost the $1,000 apartment he thought put him on the level of rich people diving into pools of gold like some kind of Scrooge McDumb-fuck.

“On Monday, April 19, Wyndham Ridge served the resident with a notice to leave the premises, and he has agreed to move,” apartment management wrote in an Instagram post. “We are committed to creating a safe, secure and inclusive environment at Wyndham Ridge, and we will continue to take proactive steps to resolve the situation.”

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