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Alaska Teacher Caught on Video Victim Blaming George Floyd, Telling Students That Dressing Like a 'Thug' Attracts Cops


Illustration for article titled Alaska Teacher Caught on Video Victim Blaming George Floyd, Telling Students That Dressing Like a 'Thug' Attracts Cops
Screenshot: Joshua Rose/ YouTube

Booooy, when I tell you these white “educators” are going to learn to keep the names of Black victims of police violence out of their mouths.

A high school teacher in Alaska has been put on administrative leave over remarks she made during a virtual class that was recorded and posted online. The teacher from the state that is already on notice for gifting the world with Sarah Palin can be heard in the midst of a lengthy rant that revolved largely around how media bias is the reason for the current discussion around systemic racism in policing and not because of the systemic racism in policing.

During the rant, the teacher devolved through several levels of Karen-who-doesn’t-know-what-the-fuck-she’s-talking-about before she eventually arrived at the subject of George Floyd and whose fault it was that he died. Apparently, this educator is so dense that she didn’t learn shit from the New Jersey teacher who was suspended for cursing at Black students while ranting about how Floyd was a “criminal” who “got killed because he wouldn’t comply.” Or the teacher in Georgia who came under fire for loudly and wrongly proclaiming that Breonna Taylor’s death was the fault of herself and her “criminal” boyfriend. (If you need more evidence “criminal” means “nigger” in wypipo speech, I don’t know what to tell you.)

According to Insider, the newest incident of caucasity in education happened during a virtual class at Lathrop High School in Fairbanks, Alaska. The teacher’s name hasn’t been released by school officials, but she’s referred to in the video as “Ms. Gardner.”

Whoever she is, Great Value Ms. Trunchbull can be heard at the beginning of the video talking about how “Black people are 13 percent of the population” before saying that “when the cops run up on a robbery, they don’t know who’s who in the situation—they just arrest everybody,” presumably whitesplaining that race has nothing to do with why people get arrested.

Anyway, I don’t have the bandwidth to go through everything the legal expert said while clearly dusting off the degree she earned from the prestigious school of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Let’s just skip to the shit she fixed her bird lips to say about Floyd.

From Insider:

“I do not agree that the Chauvin guy was right — I think he abused his authority, and I think he went too far. And I think that he was complicit in George Floyd’s death. I think that there were many factors that contributed to it, and that was one of them,” the teacher is heard saying.

“But if George Floyd had ... just sidled into the car, slid in there, and let them put his legs in, he would be alive today and you know that’s true,” she added.

“So that’s my message to you ... If any of you find yourself in a situation where you are — justly or unjustly — being addressed by the police and ordered to do something, please comply. Do not fight the cops. Don’t try to run away.”

Has it ever been more clear that a person has been white their entire lives?

“If the cops come and they say, ‘I’m taking you to jail,’ then you put your hands behind your back, you let them cuff you, you get in the cop car and you go and call your parents when they give you your phone call,” she continued in all of her old lady whiteness. “That’s what you do to stay alive. Everybody, white, black, brown. I don’t care what color you are. None of that makes a difference. You comply, you do what they say.”

First of all: A wise man from Westeros once said that “nothing someone says before ‘but’ really counts.” So, nobody really gives a fuck about the obligatory caveat she offered proclaiming that she’s not pro-cop-on-negro murder.

Secondly, how the fuck would Party City Delores Umbridge know anything about the dangers of being policed while Black?

Besides the fact that victims like Philando Castile disprove the myth that everything will be fine if Black people just comply with police, this “educator”— with her privilege lived experience as a white woman in a predominately white state where less than 4 percent of the population is Black—is in no position to be able to even fathom the fear and anxiety many Black people have when in confrontations with cops. These “back the blue” bootlickers have no problem understanding a cop’s fear and how it could influence their use of excessive force, but Black fear doesn’t matter—we just need to comply.

Of course, Alaskaren wasn’t done with her display of white nonsense. She then proceeded to tell impressionable young minds that if they dress nicely, the police won’t harass them...not that they harassed Floyd—he just didn’t comply, amirite?

“Look at how you guys are dressed,” she said. “You guys are dressed nicely. You don’t look like thugs, you don’t have your pants down around your knees.” (Do I even need to mention that “thug” is another one of white people’s favorite n-word alternatives?)

Riiiight, I’m sure she’s going to tuck her pantaloons neatly under her business suit every time she needs to make a trip to Cup Foods.

Also, last time I checked, Floyd was in a tank top and regular-degular pants that were positioned around his waist. Is that “thug” apparel, or is the Black skin under the clothing that...you know what... never mind.

KUAC 9 reports that the school’s principal, Carly Sween, wrote a letter to parents that the teacher’s comments were “racially insensitive” and that school officials had met with students in the class to discuss what happened.

It’s unclear whether the teacher will return to the classroom or what disciplinary actions she will face.

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