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Atheism: the new religion (Picture)


Atheism: the new religion


  1. 60,000,000 people killed by atheists in Russia, China and other countries. Sounds just as corrupt as anyone else. Let's not forget the Stalin and Lenin statues...aka forced worship idols shall we. You don't get to rewrite history.

    1. Man that is nothing compared to the deaths racked up by religions over the centuries. At least they aren't still burning witches and holding the Inquisition.
      Even the Nazi's were religious!

    2. No 20 million dead is not "nothing". No religious group comes close to the atheists. and atheists have plenty of witch hunts to this day. And some of the nazis were religious, some were atheists, some were occultists, nazism was never entirely unified around one clear philosophy. You need to learn a bit of history.