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AU Serial Killer Bounced From Prison Comes Out As Transgender Woman, Already Threatening Victim’s Family: Report

 A 75-year-old serial killer in Australia is reportedly living as a transgender woman after being bounced from prison in November.

Reginald “Tex” Arthurell now goes by the name Regina and is eager to undergo sex-change surgery, which will reportedly be performed on the taxpayers’ dime.

The killer — who some outlets have reported as being 74 years old — is already reportedly back to his old ways, threatening his last victim’s family that he will take them out.

The transgender revelations were confirmed this week via a message the convicted serial killer posted to a transgender community friendship page, the New Zealand Herald reported:

Radio station 2GB has revealed photos of the violent outback murderer, now aged 74, dressed in a series of women’s wigs posing for the camera.

The photos were allegedly posted on a transgender community friendship page by Arthurell, who now goes by the name of Regina and is living in western Sydney.

He has posed in three different coloured wigs, including one in a dark brown bob which he has used as his signature image, with the words, “Hi, I’m Regina”.

 Arthurell, at age 28, killed his 49-year-old stepfather Thomas Thornton with a carving knife. In 1981, the killer and another man robbed and murdered a 19-year-old sailor named Ross Browning.

“Browning’s mutilated body was found in scrub just 35km east of Tennant Creek,” reported the New Zealand Herald. “NT Police described the killing as ‘the most vicious’ they had investigated, but two murder trials were aborted and both men pleaded guilty to reduced charges of manslaughter.”

Then, after his first bounce from prison, Arthurell, still on parole, murdered his devoutly religious fiancé Venet Raylee Mulhall in 1997 by beating her with a piece of wood.

When the NSW State Parole Authority granted Arthurell parole in October, Arthurell reportedly requested a sex-change operation.

It was reported at the time that the sex-change would likely be paid for on the taxpayers’ dime, outraging Mulhall’s brother Paul Quinn, the Daily Mail reported:

A cross-dressing serial killer set to be freed from jail wants a taxpayer-funded sex change upon his release – a procedure parole authorities say they are powerless to stop.

[…] Ms Mulhall’s brother Paul Quinn hit out at the revelation Arthurell will be free to undergo the operation upon his release – which is largely covered by Medicare and requires only a doctor’s referral.

‘It’s disgusting to think this man will be out and trying to use taxpayers’ money to have a sex change,’ Mr Quinn told The Daily Telegraph.

‘He is dangerous no matter how old he is and even if he was a woman.’

Sprung from prison, Arthurell has already allegedly told Mulhall’s family he will take them out. The New Zealand Herald detailed:

NSW Police are also investigating a claim Arthurell had vowed to “take out” the family of his victim, Venet Raylee Mulhall.

Corrective Services NSW referred police to an allegation by a concerned transgender community member that Arthurell allegedly contacted via the Facebook page.

He had allegedly said he would act against the family and Corrective Services once his parole had ended and he was no longer wearing a tracking anklet.

Corrective Services is “aware that an associate of a 74-year-old parolee has contacted the registered victim of the offender,” the agency said, adding that it had “immediately referred” the matter to NSW Police.


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