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Donald Glover, AKA Childish Gambino, Blasts Cancel Culture: It’s Ruining The Entertainment Industry

 Actor Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, essentially said on Tuesday that cancel culture is ruining the entertainment industry because people are afraid to make things that might ignite the outrage mob.

“The This Is America rapper, 37, opened up about the entertainment industry in a string of posts on Twitter, insisting that people weren’t being experimental because they were scared of ‘being cancelled’,” The Metro reported. “However, his comments have been taken in different ways by followers, with some wondering if his take was calling out cancel culture, or whether he meant creators were nervous of their projects being cancelled altogether.”

“Saw people on here havin[g] a discussion about how tired they were of reviewing boring stuff (tv & film),” Glover wrote on Twitter. “We’re getting boring stuff and not even experimental mistakes (?) because people are afraid of getting cancelled so they feel like they can only experiment w/ aesthetic. (also because some of em know they’re not that good).”

NME, a London-based entertainment publication, added the following on Glover:

Last month, Glover shared an on-set photo from Atlanta as filming for the show’s third season began. Taking to Instagram, the musician and actor shared a new cast photo of himself alongside co-stars Brian Tyree Henry, LaKeith Stanfiel, and Zazie Beetz. “‘Day O’ S3 ATL”, Glover captioned the photo, revealing that work had begun on the long-awaited Season 3 of the show.

Early last year, plans were revealed for the award-winning show to air its season three premiere in January 2021, with season four expected to launch later in the year. However, to coronavirus restrictions, these dates were pushed back. The Season 2 finale aired three years ago, in 2018. Last year, Glover said only The Sopranos “can touch” the next two seasons of Atlanta, promising that the forthcoming editions of his show are “going to be some of the best television ever made.”

Glover has recently been sued for alleged copyright infringement by Florida rapper Kidd Wes, with the former’s hit single ‘This Is America’ at the centre of proceedings. According to US federal court documents filed May 6 and published by Digital Music News, Wes claims that Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ is “glaringly similar” to his own track ‘Made In America’.


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