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It is funny but it's totally sad. (Picture)


It is funny but it's totally sad.


  1. Of course, if they raise the minimum wage, things will cost more. Or maybe you should say "even more"

    Governments can't dictate prices or wages. The market does. If the business can't make a profit, if they are losing money, they will raise prices, or go out of business.

    If the prices are too high, the consumer shops elsewhere, or does without. If enough people do without, the business goes out of business, or finds a way to provide the the product more efficiently

    When government dictates prices and wages, you have socialism, and socialism always results in collapse and starvation. Always. ALWAYS!!!


  2. Note how they don't bother to explain why rents are soaring--because of the increasing demand for housing due to immigration from foreign countries. Nor will they mention that much of the immigrant's housing costs are subsidized by the same taxpayers that are now living on the streets.

    1. You forgot to mention rising property taxes, utilities etc.

  3. What is the increase in operating expenses for the property owner?