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Racist Chicago Mayor Says She Will Start Holding Interviews – But Only With Black or Brown Journalists


Why do people keep voting for these a$$clowns?

Chicago Mayor says she will start holding 1-on-1 interviews with reporters — but only if they’re black or brown.
That’s the definition of racism.

NBC 5 Chicago political reporter Mary Ann Ahern tweeted on Tuesday.

Lightfoot actually tweeted about this.

As homicides soar in Chicago the mayor is focused on discriminating against white reporters.



  1. please let a few wear explosive tennis shoes and underpants that blowup in her face.

  2. remember when white as a ghost racist jew Rahm Emmanuel was the mayor of chicago

  3. Another nigger that thinks the world revolves around her. Maybe the reason they don't have black journalists is because they have no interest in journalism. The only racist entities I see in this nation are the gov't and black crime against Asians and whites. Here we have a black bitch committing a crime against more whites. Chicago is certainly famous and well known for it's criminal past and present.