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Tim Truth talks to the Health Ranger about covid masks, vaccines and unsolved mysteries

  Are you someone who used to identify as a “liberal” but who later came to your senses after diving a little bit deeper into the “conspiracy theories” that the government and media want us all to ignore? If so, then you will not want to miss the following episode of Brighteon Conversations with Tim Truth.

In this episode, Truth – this is not his real name, by the way, as he is simply trying to protect his identity – talks about various “taboo” things such as 9/11 truth, the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) masking conspiracy, the so-called “vaccines,” and so much more.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, discovered Truth while watching videos hosted on the Brighteon platform. Adams was intrigued by what Truth had to say and decided to have him on as a guest.

“I used to be a hardcore liberal back in college and I believed everything,” Truth revealed.

“I trusted Big Pharma and all this stuff, but then I woke up when I started researching 9/11. That’s what really did it for me and it’s been a deep dive down the rabbit hole ever since, and now I’m so far off that liberal plantation that it’s kind of funny looking back in the rearview mirror.”

Truth went on to explain that his newfound mission is to expose what he describes as a “monolithic news-entertainment-corporate-government” machine that is mind-controlling people on every front – watch below:

Once you go down the rabbit hole, you can never turn back

One issue that has been on Truth’s mind as of late is the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) swabs that they are shoving up people’s noses to “test” for the Chinese Virus. And what about the face masks that we now know are completely ineffective and actually dangerous.

On his website, Truth curates the best of what he finds online and presents it to readers and viewers in a way that will make sense to them, exposing the nefarious plans surrounding the swabs, the vaccines, the masks and other elements of the new world order that is manifesting before our very eyes.

Concerning the swabs, Truth says one of the most bizarre things he found about them is that they contain little pointy ends sticking out of the fibers. These little hooks actually get stuck in people’s flesh.

“It’s almost like they’re trying to agitate the mucus membrane,” he says about these strange metallic pieces that also get breathed in while people wear their masks all day to “stop the spread.”

“It’s almost like they want people to get sick, like this is just part of the agenda,” he adds, noting that the “testing” swabs have also been found to contain these strange metal pieces.

Recognizing that there are patents on what are known as “microneedles,” these hooks or pieces are more than likely intentionally added to the materials used in both masks and swabs. This seems evident based on the many independent tests that have already been conducted.

“I think they could be some sort of drug delivery system,” Truth says about these microneedles.

“There have been some reports that there’s lithium in there as well as hydrogel, the DARPA substance.”

Truth has been analyzing these swabs himself with the help of an expert and he says what they contain does not look natural at all. The next step for Truth is to collaborate with Adams on more closely analyzing the swabs and masks for other hidden elements, which is already in the works.


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  4. Back when this Covid fraud first emerged, Mike Adams was THE MOST VOCAL AND PROMINENT *PROMOTER* OF "Covid hysteria"!! To hear Mike Adams, the "Health Ranger," give his prognosis, we were all going to die shortly, and those unfortunate folks still living on the corona-raked hellscape would be clamoring over the dead bodies heaped outside their doors only to find the store shelves bereft of food -- and your only hope was to buy up the last dwindling supplies of storable food (sold by Mike Adams, of course -- who was inexplicably, and incredibly magnanimously, willing to sell it to you and starve himself). He breathlessly shouted shrill hysterics at anyone naive and masochistic enough to listen, giving the Powers that Be all the right-cover they would ever need to promote this fraud (To be fair, a VERY large percentage of what laughably passes for the "Alternative Media" followed in lockstep -- but NONE of them were as over the top as THIS guy!). He COULD have served as a moderating voice, reminding people at the very start of this -- when it was DESPERATELY NEEDED -- that we should -- we MUST -- continue to question the dire predictions of the known liars called the media. He COULD have -- but he didn't, choosing instead to go in the exact opposite direction.
    I posted comments at his own site, and wherever else I saw his dreck published, deriding him for his wholly irresponsible, agenda-empowering hysterics (to a flood of downvotes from his credulous fanboys), and told him that I would be returning to continue mocking him when this was didn't quite pan out as the civilization-ending apocalypse he was assuring us all that it would be.

    ...and I will continue to do exactly that.

    Mike, anyone who promoted himself as the "Health Ranger" and an ostensible expert in matters of health would, if they had a shred of dignity, removed themselves from the public discourse and seek shelter in ignominious, lifelong solitude -- lest they once again be used as a willing tool by those monsters who pulled this fraud off (with YOUR help).