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Tucker Carlson slams big tech for blasting Americans with a barrage of 'propaganda' on transgender youth and backs journalist who exposed how some teens have transitioned in months - after learning about it on the internet

 American youngsters are being pushed towards extreme sexual therapies and gender realignment surgery by a 'daily barrage' of online content promoted by big technology firms, Tucker Carlson has argued.

The Fox News host on Tuesday night opened his show by discussing Sunday's episode of 60 Minutes, which spoke to people who regretted having the hasty operations.

One young woman, Grace Lindinisky-Smith, was granted a double mastectomy after just four months.

Garrett, a young man from Louisiana, was castrated after just three months of taking female hormones.

Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night spoke about gender reassignment surgery for young people

Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night spoke about gender reassignment surgery for young people

Grace Lindinisky-Smith told Stahl that she went from a woman to a man and back again in a year
Garrett, from Louisiana, was castrated after three months

Grace Lindinisky-Smith (left) and Garrett (right) told Stahl about their harrowing experiences

Carlson noted how the young people interviewed by host Lesley Stahl all said they had learnt about transgender surgery and identity on the internet, and were influenced by the forums and communities online.

'They see a daily barrage of propaganda, most of it online, made possible by Google and Facebook,' he said.

'That propaganda has a very specific effect, as intended.'

Carlson said that it was designed to normalize the feelings of gender dysphoria which, he said, were relatively uncommon until the internet age.

And he told his viewers that statistics showed the drastic surgical options frequently led to further unhappiness.

'Gender reassignment surgery and chemical castration cause depression and exacerbate mental illness,' he said, pointing to a study five years ago under the Obama administration, which he said found no positive health benefits.

In a 2016 document called the 'Proposed Decision Memo for Gender Dysphoria and Gender Reassignment Surgery,' Obama officials concluded that: 'Based on a thorough review of the clinical evidence available at this time, there is not enough evidence to determine whether gender reassignment surgery improves health outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries with gender dysphoria.'

Garrett told Stahl, in a clip from 60 Minutes broadcast by Carlson: 'I didn't get enough pushback on transitioning. I went for two appointments and after the second one, I had my letter to go get on cross-sex hormones.'

All four young people who spoke to Stahl said they were influenced by the internet

All four young people who spoke to Stahl said they were influenced by the internet

He continued: 'I had never really been suicidal before until I had my breast augmentation. 

'And about a week afterward, I wanted to actually kill myself. 

'I had a plan and I was gonna do it but I just kept thinking about my family to stop myself. 

'It kind of felt like: how am I ever going to feel normal again, like other guys now?' 

Carlson lamented the ease with which young people can receive gender changing treatment.

He quoted Joe Biden from an October 2020 town hall, to suggest that Biden backed surgery.

'He suggested that children as young as eight can change their sex,' Carlson said.

Biden did indeed say he supported children being able to live as a different sex, but he did not mention surgery.

Biden told the town hall: 'The idea that an eight-year-old child or a 10-year-old child decides, 'You know, I decided I want to be transgender. That's what I think I'd like to be. It would make my life a lot easier.' There should be zero discrimination.'

Carlson praised Lesley Stahl for her 'brave' reporting on transgender young people

Carlson praised Lesley Stahl for her 'brave' reporting on transgender young people

Carlson said the process was too easy. ​

'Therapists will steer those kids to doctors, who will almost immediately give them powerful sex hormones, whose long-term effects we can't know,' he said.

'In some cases, those kids will then be referred to surgeons, who will mutilate or remove their sex organs permanently.

'That is happening across the country tonight. We rarely talk about the details of any of it. It's all good, we're told. It's all part of a vital, long-overdue process of personal liberation, and if you stand in the way or ask too many questions, you're evil.'

Lindinisky-Smith told Stahl in another clip: 'We only did a few sessions. They asked me, 'So, why do you wanna go on testosterone?'

'And I said, 'Well, being a woman just isn't working for me anymore.'

'And they said, 'Okay.''

She said she then underwent surgery, but immediately felt wrong.

'I started to have a really disturbing sense that like a part of my body was missing, almost a ghost limb feeling about being like, there's something that should be there,' she said.

'And the feeling really surprised me but it was really hard to deny.'

Lindinisky-Smith then transitioned back to being a woman again - all within a year.

Carlson praised Stahl for 'a remarkably brave piece of journalism.'

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