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Wholesome Little Boy! (Picture)


Wholesome Little Boy!


  1. He's probably just casing the joint.

  2. They're selling crack.

  3. Nice cardboard window. Did Lil Deshawn put that in for his "brothers" to come and go without using the front door?

  4. All you negative commenters can shove your heads back up, where the sun doesn't shine.
    If you ever have the misfortune to be broke and homeless you will appreciate what community is.
    The rich and working are all about Me-Me-Me, and neither care nor share their good fortune. Just one serious illness or Accident in the family and you are poor.
    Try and find your rich friends then, but a hungry homeless person will share his only meal with those less fortunate.
    So screw you and your stupidity.
    Well done little man, you are walking in the footsteps of the truly great men, Jesus, Buddha and a million more.

  5. Nice but why isn't he in school?