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Working from home is a blessing (Picture)


Working from home is a blessing

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  1. Trouble is, if you think working from home will be a piece of cake, think again. A friend of mine tried it and almost quit his job because of it. First, you can forget about an 8 hour work day, that goes right out he window. Expect to get phone calls and emails anytime between 6AM and 9PM, and expect hell to pay if you don't respond to them.

    Second, if you have to ask a question or have a short conversation with a co-worker, they're no longer sitting at a desk right next to you or down the hall. Even the simplest thing requires a phone call or an email. What used to be quick and easy now becomes a pain in the ass if the phone is already in use or the person isn't constantly monitoring their inbox.

    Third, and this is why my friend almost quit, he recently asked his boss for two weeks off, vacation time that was already owed to him for over two years. His boss responded "You're already working from home, why do you need two weeks off?". It was at that point my friend lost it and threatened to quit. He did eventually get the time off, but now he's looking for another job.