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Fauci Tells Chelsea Clinton He Faces ‘Phenomenal Amount Of Hostility’ For Promoting ‘Simple Public Health Principles’

 Dr. Anthony Fauci lamented to Chelsea Clinton during an interview that aired Tuesday that he has lately been facing “a phenomenal amount of hostility” for pushing what he claimed are “fundamental simple health principles.”

Speaking with Clinton on her podcast “In Fact with Chelsea Clinton,” the nation’s top infectious disease expert responded to a question regarding how Americans’ “trust in science” can be restored, especially given the number of people in the South who are refusing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

“That is something that is not going to happen easily, Chelsea,” Fauci answered. “I think that we may have to find ways — and that’s a complicated issue, as you well know, probably better than I do — it’s a complicated issue of how you heal the differences and the hostility.”

“I mean, I’ve been the object myself of a phenomenal amount of hostility merely because I’m promoting what are really fundamental simple public health principles,” Fauci continued. “That seems astounding that that would generate a considerable degree of hostility, but it is, it is.”

“So I don’t think the answer is intensifying the hostility and pointing fingers. I think the approach is to outreach, to try and understand each other better and realize that we have differences, but those differences should be the source, you know, of strength in some respects and not the source of chaos,” Fauci went on.

“So I don’t know the answer to your question,” Fauci concluded, adding, “It’s a seemingly simple question, but a complicated answer. We’ve got to reach out to people and get them to understand that this is for their own safety, their own health, and also what I refer to as communal responsibility, your responsibility to society.”

Fauci later advised listeners to be a “dead end” to “the chain of transmission of an outbreak” by getting vaccinated, to which Clinton responded, “I never thought I would say I wanted to be a dead end. But yes, here I am, like very happy to be fully vaccinated and a dead end.”

Fauci, who has claimed criticisms against him are “attacks on science,” is facing increased scrutiny after a trove of his emails from early during the pandemic were published by BuzzFeed and The Washington Post. In one email from mid-March 2020, a physicist told Fauci that China was likely lying about the number of COVID-19 deaths in China, writing that he had been “modeling this outbreak since January.” In response, Fauci forwarded the message to a member of the NIH, writing, “Too long for me to read.”

The White House has made clear that Fauci will not be fired.


  1. Big difference between science and industry-funded promotional reports.

  2. Why the hell is Chelsea Horse face Clinton news worthy? Spoiled ass elitiest that finishes college and gets a 900k a year job....curtesy of the Clinton Foundation. She has done nothing to be newsworthy.

  3. Step Down Fauci while this is being investigated.

    We want All FACTS on the Table.
    Stop trying for sympathy.