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Michigan State Rep. Cynthia Johnson Continues to Receive Racist, Sexist Death Threats


Illustration for article titled Michigan State Rep. Cynthia Johnson Continues to Receive Racist, Sexist Death Threats
Screenshot: Fox 2

Hey, The Whites™. I’m gonna need you to either nut the fuck up or shut the fuck up already. You can’t be out here in your feelings all the damn time, being so offended that people simply think this country isn’t all it’s been cracked up to be, and then turn around and talk about how we’re too sensitive. You wanna talk about being too sensitive? Well then let’s talk about the people who have continually sent Michigan state Rep. Cynthia Johnson racist and sexist death threats for months now.

Last December, The Root reported that Johnson began receiving the threats due to her refusal to entertain the lies of Rudy Giuliani during a hearing regarding potential election fraud in Detroit. After receiving multiple voicemail messages with people saying things like she would be “swinging from a (expletive) rope you Democrat,” Johnson issued a warning against the “Trumpers” engaging in such threats.

Since The Whites™ find being called racist more offensive than actual racism, it’s no surprise that state Republicans saw fit to remove Johnson from her committee assignments for having the audacity to stand up for herself.

Fox 2 reports that those death threats have continued to come in even months later, resulting in local law enforcement launching an investigation. One of the voicemails Johnson received said ‘If we just killed every n-word, b-word maybe it would be a good world,’” with another saying, “You know, I’m not a violent person but I think I could slit your throat in a minute.”

“This is nothing new. This is the same hate and violence Black Americans have faced for generations,” Johnson said in a release. “This is the same sexist vitriol endured by women in power throughout history. These are the same manipulative tactics used by perpetrators of domestic violence to belittle victims into submission.”

The thing I never understood is how you can be such a blatant piece of shit and still think you’re somehow in the right. Imagine how mad you would be if someone you cared about was subjected to that same kind of treatment. The complete lack of empathy has Johnson baffled as well. “I wouldn’t even think, I wouldn’t know how to tell a person those nasty things that they said,” she told Fox 2.

Despite the continued harassment, Johnson remains undaunted. “I want the world to know that this little Black woman over here is going to continue to fight for the people, period,” Johnson told Fox 2.

I appreciate her resolve, but there’s no damn reason she should have to fight so hard to simply do her job. The Whites™ really need to get their shit together, because this right here ain’t it.

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