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White Lives...'Mater?': Racist Targets Michigan Houses Displaying BLM Signs for Vandalism. Also, Racists Can't Spell


Illustration for article titled White Lives...'Mater?': Racist Targets Michigan Houses Displaying BLM Signs for Vandalism. Also, Racists Can't Spell
Photo: Cory Seamer (Shutterstock)

Two homes in Ann Arbor, Mich., were recently vandalized by a not-so-literate racist who apparently got all in their fragile-ass feelings over the Black Lives Matter signs the homes had on display. Police are investigating the matter, and they believe both homes were hit by the same vandal based on two messages with the same exact wording and the same misspelling: “White lives mater more, nigger.”

From MLive.com:

The message was left on the doorframe sometime between 6 p.m., May 18, and 9 a.m., May 19, police said.

It’s believed the couple’s Black Lives Matter sign outside the home may have been the reason why the home was targeted, police said.

Five days later, on May 24, police were called to another home in the area, this time in the 800 block of Lawrence Street, for a report of racist vandalism, police said.

Police found the exact same message, “white lives mater more, n——-,” written and misspelled again in marker on the door frame at eye level, police said.

The message on this home is believed to have been left sometime between 2 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on May 24, police said.

The second home also had a Black Lives Matter sign in front of it.

According to News 4 Detroit, the first racist message was found by “a 10-year-old girl, born to a Black father and white mother.”

“I want people to around Michigan, around Ann Arbor, to know this happens,” said the father of the family whose identity is being withheld out of concern that their home might be targeted again. “You can believe what you want to believe, but you came up on my house.”

So yeah, this is fucked up and racist and it’s something people should not have to deal with in 2021—but can we just talk about how funny it is that whatever fragile neo-Nazi is responsible for the vandalism can’t spell for shit?

I mean, anyone who has had to edit my work will tell you that I’m guilty of the occasional typo or two (or nine), but this was no typo. Spelling “matter” wrong once might have been an oversight; writing it out that way twice means some musty melanin-not with a marker thinks it’s actually spelled “mater” even though they just got through reading the word “matter” on the BLM sign with correct spelling.

Then again, maybe I’m just misinterpreting the racist message. Maybe they are advocating for more white life “maters,” as in people who mate. I mean, there are white conservatives who are concerned that white people in America are getting out-fucked by people of color to the point where white people might become a minority, aren’t there?

In fact, upon further research, it turns out that “mater” is actually an informal British word for “Mother.” So maybe this racist isn’t an illiterate racist, but an “oh my God, white people are going extinct” racist who just wants to see more white mothers than niggers.

I mean, yeah, I’m just splitting white supremacist hairs here, but it’s just a thought.

Anyway, Ann Arbor police have no idea who’s responsible for the vandalism and are asking for the public’s help in bringing this possibly illiterate (or maybe just a proKKKreation advocate) to justice.

More from MLive:

There is no suspect information available and police are still investigating both incidents.

Anyone with information about the vandalism, or who has had a similar message written on their door frame but has not reported it, is asked to contact Ann Arbor Police Det. Dave Monroe at 734-794-6930, Ext 49308, or by email at dmonroe@a2gov.org

Tips can also be left on the Ann Arbor Police confidential tip line at 734-794-6939.

I hope they find the vandal and throw the book at them. Or maybe just throw a book at them—a spellcheck or something, damn.


  1. .... or maybe the person living inside the abode is named Mater..

  2. Maybe it was Smollett again

    1. They all are. How many times over the last 3 decades has it been found out they are self-inflicted incidents or undercover FBI agents/informants and perhaps at best 1 out of 10 is authentic but probably closer to 1 in 100