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Woke culture warrior caught red-handed stealing signed petitions aimed at recalling leftist San Francisco school board members

 It's a thing of beauty.

Amid the bevy of misdeeds woke folks have been getting away with lately, it's no surprise that an individual who almost certainly is one of their faithful likely figured he'd have no problem stealing a bunch of signed petitions aimed at recalling left-wing members of the San Francisco school board — who many say are more interested in renaming buildings after historical figures who pass their ideological sniff test than getting kids back in classrooms.

What happened?

Turns out the thief was caught on video in the aftermath of his caper being confronted by a recall volunteer — and what happened next is more than worth your time.

Content warning: language:

What are the details?

According to Here Say, the recall effort is targeting board President Gabriela López, Vice President Faauuga Moliga, and Commissioner Alison Collins — the latter, in fact, was in hot water with the board recently for past racist tweets against Asian Americans.

The outlet said the recall must get 51,325 valid signatures per school board member by Sept. 1 in order for it to qualify for a special election.

Kit Lam told KGO-TV he was collecting signatures for the recall on May 30 when a man — who San Francisco police are not naming — offered to sign the petition but then took the clipboard with other people's signatures and addresses.

Lam confronted the thief: "You took the petitions; I saw you!"

The man replied, "I looked at it, I decided I didn't want it anymore, I don't have your s**t."

Lam later told KGO, "I couldn't believe it because I saw him toss the clipboard under the car" — and, in fact, that's exactly where another individual spotted the missing clipboard.

"There you got it back," the man tells Lam. "I'm sorry. You caught me. You caught me."

But Lam — who is a school district parent, an immigrant from Hong Kong, and a former anti-corruption investigator, according to Hear Say — could still smell something fishy.

"I realized some petitions are still missing," Lam later told KGO.

Image source: KGO-TV video screenshot

"Where is the other ones? Where is the other ones?" Lam hollers at the man in the clip.

Sure enough, our hero was hiding them in the back of his jeans, and he handed the stray petitions to Lam and emptied his pockets.

"What is your name sir? What is your name? Why are you doing this?" Lam asks the man.

"I was just furious, and why would someone do this, why?" Lam wondered to the station later on.

As the man walked away, Lam wasn't satisfied and yelled at the guy to not leave so fast: "Stop! You are breaking the law!"

Image source: KGO-TV video screenshot

Lam told KGO that "there's a misconception that immigrants, Asian immigrants do not speak up, and I think he's wrong."

Now what?

Lam reported the incident to San Francisco police and told KGO he hopes cops arrest the thief, the station said.

More from Hear Say:

Under California election code, taking by force or stealth any initiative, referendum or recall petition with signatures affixed to it from a signature gatherer is a crime punishable by up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

"Even if the petitions stolen were not large numbers…it is interfering with the process. It is an attempt to intimidate us," said Siva Raj, a SFUSD parent who co-launched the recall campaign with his partner Autumn Looijen.

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